[thelist] Web-based Help Desk software

Ken Chase raskenbo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 15:43:01 CDT 2007


I'm looking to implement a web-based system for tracking issues with,
and providing support for, an on-line web application. The principal
business objectives are to:

1) Reduce internal workload
2) Improve client service
3) Centralize knowledge
4) Provide performance reports

The requirements have not yet been well defined but here's what I'm
starting with.:

- Entirely web based
- Preferably open-sourced (mySQL, PHP)
- Ability to customize the theme (standards-based)
- The internal support team will be small (10 people)
- Ability for clients to submit a request from a web interface and
have it become a "ticket"
- Searchable user forums / knowledge base / user manuals
- Collaboration (wiki like manual creation)

I've considered using a combination of tools (cms, blog, wiki, help
desk software, etc...) but I'd like to streamline this as much as
possible. Being a newbie to this sort of thing (I'm a web designer)
I'd really appreciate any advice.


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