[thelist] client works sheets - good or bad or just homogeneity?

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 19:27:29 CDT 2007

And another thing!

I note that Ben Hunt in 2003 [1] already showed why the work sheet is
bad ("dangerous" he calls it):::


to sum up 5 pages of my last diatribe, you lose that all important
stage where you get to know your client - little clues arise - and
s/he gets to know you and form a bond.

How can you bond with a worksheet?

It smells of "Im so successful therefore Im too busy to spend time
with the prospects - bring forth the form! " or "I cant deal with
clients, they do my head in - let the form do the work"



[1] To give a client a blank sheet at the beginning of a
project is dangerous, because it sets their expectations that they'll get
exactly what they want. Another danger with giving away control to the
client is that they might change their mind halfway through, and again,
expect you to change the way you're working accordingly. Again, if you
haven't agreed objectives [verbally], you can't complain that they're
being changed.

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