[thelist] slow form response

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Mon Jul 30 21:46:35 CDT 2007

The page I sent was a copy with code placed on the hosting service I 
use, www.frii.com. www.dottedi.biz/codesamples/contact_us.php [and .txt]

The one that is acting up, I just made up a vanilla look-alike, and 
copied it to the client's site/service (www.1and1.com).  It is okay to 
test (will only email you/me, not the client): 

I've seen it process in as little as 6 seconds, commonly 9-10. 

I just don't want folks to use the live form on her site, if you 
please.  I fixed the grammatical error - thx, Bob

 Paul Bennett wrote:
> Its fine for me here in New Zealand - processes in less than a couple of seconds
> BTW, you have a grammatical error on your response page:
> "If you a SPAM filter.."
> Should be:
> "If you have a SPAM filter.."
> :)
> Paul 

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