[thelist] Anyone using Python?

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 03:48:06 CDT 2007

> Just wondering if anyone is using Python? I've been using PHP 
> for a few years and am looking at learning another language 
> in depth as a type of side project.
> My goal is to get into more OOP and break some of the 
> procedural coding habits I've fallen into (even though 
> cakePHP has been a great help getting me into MVC 
> development). Python looks good at a cursory glance.
> My options so far are Python, Ruby or Java, but I'm not 
> overly keen on Java's "everything to everybody" approach 
> (speaking from plenty of ignorance, so feel free to correct me).
> Please don't turn this into a language holy war, I'm just 
> looking for community comment from people who are actively 
> using these languages.
> Heck, dive in if you're a .NET or CF person too - I'm open to 
> persuasion ;)

I'd suggest you start by looking at what kinds of project you want to
undertake, and then figure out what language will get you there.

I think C# or Java would be excellent languages for you, if you're
interested in OOP, more complex programming projects, and generally
stretching yourself in a potentially lucrative direction. Personally, I
use C# / .NET just about all the time these days, and am very happy with
the language, its features, and what it allows me to do. You might want
to give Java serious consideration if you're more concerned about
platform agnosticism than I currently am.

Python... well, I'm inherently suspicious of any language that claims to
champion the importance of programmer effort, and yet can go through
years of development and use before someone decides that static scoping
might be a nice idea :-)


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