[thelist] slow form response

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Jul 31 16:04:36 CDT 2007


http://poppensjeeves.com/contact_us_testform.php   -->> The response 
time is currently about 5 seconds (this is 1and1.com); 5 is better than 
yesterday's 10 (for me anyhow)

http://dottedi.biz/codesamples/contact_us.php -->> Prit near 
instantaneous for me

If you were the customer filling out the form, do you consider 5-10 
seconds acceptable?  For the most part I think is is more of a 
consideration for me than my client's customers.  Feedback?

What I look for in a hosting service (to house a small business, no 
eCommerce) is:

1) live, preferably knowledgeable phone support
2) MySQL
3) Shell / command line access
4) Reasonable uptime and regular backups
5) Decent response times (forms)
6) Don't need any fancy webtools
7) $10 to $15/mo (U.S.) is fine, don't need Rackforce.  With MySQL 
www.frii.com is about $21.

Any thoughts, recommendations?


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