[thelist] changing submit button value with javascript

Dan Parry dan at virtuawebtech.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 17:46:13 CDT 2007

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> Subject: [thelist] changing submit button value with javascript
> I'm trying to change the value of a submit button with javascript. when
> the 'delete this item' checkbox is clicked, I want to toggle the value
> of the submit button to 'Del', and when it's clicked again, toggle it
> back to 'Save'
> all that happens is the submit button is selected, but not changed
> here's how I'm calling the function
>     <input type="checkbox" name="delasset" id="delasset0"
> onclick="toggleValue('submit0','delasset0','Save','Del');" />

Try changing the function call to:


When you check clickedID in the function it finds the string 'delasset0'
which it then evaluates the method 'checked', which never exists so will
always be false

I just gave a fairly quick scan so sorry if I'm wrong :)


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