[thelist] Can we detect click event on a flash object?

Jeffrey Joslin lists at joslins.net
Wed Aug 1 10:17:45 CDT 2007

Volkan Özçelik wrote:
> Hi List,
> I'm currently in need of a quick (and possibly dirty) solution to detecting
> click rates to flash ads given by our clients.
> So I plan to implement a script-based solution. But I'm not sure if it's
> possible.
> * Can one detect a click event on a flash object using a script-based
> solution?
> * Are there any best practices to detect click rates, click time, ip etc. --
> is there an ideal way doing this?

Yep, totally.  Large metrics packages like Omniture enable this, and ad 
services like DoubleClick and AvenueA etc. do as well.

Here's the kit that Adobe provided for DoubleClick's DART Motif service, 
for example:

Or, if you just want to ditch the above and go quick-an-dirty via Google 
Analytics, here's an article about tracking Flash events that way:



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