[thelist] client works sheets - good or bad or just homogeneity?

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 08:18:09 CDT 2007

Matt / Evolt

> To be honest, these communications are more about defining phases of
> the project and managing timelines and scope than much anything else.
> There is still a need to build the relationship; that is a separate
> thing.

Well sure, but putting this worksheet to the prospect before any
relationship has begun is clearly counterproductive; dont you think?

Joel thinks so :

"so, short answer: online questionnaires come after you've established a
relationship with a potential client, and even then they require
judicious use to avoid scaring off perfectly qualified prospects. your
short and to-the-point form makes sense to me."

(cheers Joel)

Clarifying my rant yet further, the use and timing of the worksheet is
very important: I dont think I had quite nailed down what I had wanted
to say.

My rant was more to do with firms / individuals new to the game
finding this "format" on competitors sites and thinking "hey we got
something here - lets use it! its bound to save us a whole load of
hassle" and not understanding where this questionnaire fits into the
scheme of things, and thereby becoming unstuck when they realise the
prospect has gone to someone who knows how to build a relationship
without resort to blatantly artificial devices to help them get
through the discovery phase.

It suggests they dont really want to engage with the public when they
copy these apparent time savers.

Not surprising though is it? Contractors spend most of their time
interacting with a machine with an api/manual, so an entity, such as
another human, without clear protocols would clearly forebode an
undesirable set of iteractions.

- "Arggghh! its throwing errors I dont understand, help!"

and any other exceptions you could care to imagine. clientcopia.com is
a good resource for such; Ive certainly had a few moments where I have
had to bite my tongue.


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