[thelist] mail server problems

Brian Cummiskey brian at hondaswap.com
Thu Aug 2 00:38:30 CDT 2007


Thanks for the replies.   I think i have an idea of what's happening now.

Joshua Olson wrote:
>  Simply stated, this information is controlled at the
> host, not by you.  You should contact your host and ask then to set up the
> Reverse DNS pointer for your server's public IP address.  Unless they are
> incompetent, they should be able to do this.
My server is dedicated, so I guess I am the ISP :)

I ran the tool at my provider, softlayer.com, and it gives the following 
results:         86400    IN ptr         86400    IN ptr         86400    IN ptr         86400    IN ptr      86400    IN ptr         86400    IN ptr

and all have a TTL of 1 day

57.188 is the site in question's IP

So, i have an RDNS record already, no?

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