[thelist] Anyone using Python?

sbeam sbeam at syxyz.net
Tue Jul 31 11:19:19 CDT 2007

On Tuesday 31 July 2007, Jason Handby wrote:
> > My goal is to get into more OOP and break some of the 
> > procedural coding habits I've fallen into (even though 
> > cakePHP has been a great help getting me into MVC 
> > development). Python looks good at a cursory glance.

Well if you are familiar with Cake then it should significantly lower 
your learning curve for Rails. They share exactly the same MVC pattern 
and even a lot of the same terminology and API (bake/rake for example). 
Not sure how much of that is intentional, but it seems to be. 

Also on the plus side the market for Rails devs is robust right now 
(although competitive as well)

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