[thelist] newsletter - tax specialty

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Fri Aug 3 09:16:57 CDT 2007

One of my clients is a tax specialist.  He used to subscribe to a 
service that provided hardcopy newsletters that he postal mailed to his 
list. They would only provide this as unsearch-engine friendly pdf.  My 
client does not want to be in the business of having to write content. 

There are some services out there that will let you use their content if 
you use their template system and monthly fees.  This doesn't seem to 
add much value as it ends up as duplicate content that hundreds of other 
tax folks have on their sites as well, so basically the definition of 
invisible.  $50/mo for invisible content, what a deal...

We would like to find a service which 'allows' you to use the content 
but rewrite, paraphrase, customize at will and output as html for the 
internet and whatever for hardcopy.  It would need to be available in 


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