[thelist] site check please - menu problems in IE6 and lower

Mark Mckee lists at soddengecko.com
Fri Aug 3 17:53:22 CDT 2007

Hi Phillip

NMot sure how much this will help, but i have tested your site on ubuntu 
linux and windows xp sp1 (i know, but i cannot be bothered to update it, 
it only plays my divx movies)

i used IE6.0.2600 on win xp sp1 and the menu is perfect. screenshots 
available, just mail me off list and i will sort them for you). I have 
noticed that the LATEST NEWS menu is broken though, definitely mail me 
off list for a screenshot.

on ubuntu i tested with firefox and opera, while the site is spot on, 
the menu, when hovered over, sits behind the flash video. i think this 
is a linux issue though. may need some css tweaking to bring the menu 
over. but do not take my word for it, please ask the list and see what 
they think

if it helps, i have a client who seems to find a lot of thinsg he thinks 
is wrong with his site, he has not payed on time and likes to change the 
brief. in the end i had my solicitor ring him and spout the brief back 
to him. money is on its way.


Mark Mckee

Sales @ Lycosa wrote:
> Hi,
> My customer has complained that the drop down menus in
> http://www.heald.uk.com <http://www.heald.uk.com/>  do not work in IE6 v.
> 6.0.2800.1106
> I have gone as far as generating separate style sheets for different
> browsers, and have now split the IE style sheet into IE4, 5, 5.5, 6 & 7
> (although I haven't finished the 4,5 & 5.5 ones yet).
> I would appreciate a site check especially from users of systems that are
> not Windows XP / IE7.
> Thanks.
> Phil Parker
>  <http://www.lycosa.co.uk> http://www.lycosa.co.uk

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