[thelist] Php & html email & from: address (oh my!)

Dan Stockton prosayist at inbox.com
Mon Aug 6 04:42:02 CDT 2007

 > http://www.zend.com/zend/trick/html-email.php#head3
 > .. the From: address we put in was being changed.
 > Instead of.. @<domain>
 > It comes out.. @<servername>.<domain>
 > Any ideas.. ?
 > Paul

idea #1)
try to add in the 'mail()' function a "-f webcentre at domain"

idea #2)
try modifying "\r\n" to "\n"

idea #3)
try adding '$headers .= "Reply-To: webcentre at domain"\r\n'

idea #4)
wait for a reply from somebody who knows

none of these idea are guaranteed to work; I haven't tried them, the 
Zend example works as expected on my server and I haven't posted to 
evolt lists for 5 years.


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