[thelist] client works sheets - good or bad or just homogeneity?

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 07:41:30 CDT 2007


[..] about Services to Assist -v- Services to Deliver...

ok I understand those two. This had come up several times in my talks
with service providers / small business owners - when it seems like
they will have to pay out a wedge, they jump to a "guidance" sort of
service, since that would mean any outlay gets a good ROI.

Its nice to know what to call these things - at the least adds another
layer of ... whats the word ... polish / style .. whatever... at most
a nod to the prospect that youve already thought a few moves ahead and
therefore best to not mess and even the possibly that in court youre
already on the right foot regards to a proper action.

> While Services to Assist does quite often go well with a T&M payment
> basis - and FP with Services to Deliver - they're not inextricably
> linked.

T&M / FP? Sorry to sound totally ignorant (though unavoidable!) thats
a bit techinical for me - could you translate?

> Yeah, I've studied some contract law, and I know [how?] to read a Statement
> of Work.

ah. I guess I ought to be outputting this stuff at the appropriate
moment in the business relationship. Could I ask, is a statement of
work the thing you send once theres an agreement over the proposal?

(The proposal, which has arrived via a RFI (request for information, I
take it, a generic document, the worksheet format currently popular
being only a particular instance )...)

> It helps greatly, particularly when discussing scope - I've
> had clients entirely confuse "things mentioned in the sales process"
> and "things agreed to in the contract".

LOL. no kidding.



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