[thelist] [fun-wtf] I just found a piece of code that makes me blink and confuses me a lot

Phillip M. Vector phillipmvector at comcast.net
Mon Aug 6 09:50:14 CDT 2007

Not working in firefox as far as I can tell.

Can't Scriptaculous do these kinds of things?

<a href='#' title='lien action' onLoad='new Effect.Opacity("zoneCode", 
{duration:1.0, from:1.0, to:0.0});new Effect.Opacity("zoneCode", 
{duration:1.0, from:0.0, to:1.0});return false;'>I'm FLASHING!</a>

or something like that?

Fred Jones wrote:
>> window.onload = startBlink;
>> part of a portfolio of a hire sent to me by an agency.
> I have been looking for this effect for MONTHS. Is this code copyrighted 
> or may I use it for my site? I mean, ALL of my sites, really, because 
> they ALL need this feature.
> Tell that guy I really appreciate this!
> Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedly

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