[thelist] hand-coding .NET

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Mon Aug 6 14:22:02 CDT 2007

As I progress down the .NET road from 1.1 to 2.0 to crimenently my ISP
says they have 3.5something installed for testing, I've gotten the
impression that hand-coding is going to become more difficult or less
convenient (or less filling vs. more taste? dunno.)

How 'bout all you .NET gurus - if I'm going down the path of building
.NET applications for intranets, am I already in the throes of a Greek
tragedy, being inexorably driven toward GUI-based web dev? Or is it all
going to turn out okay in the end?

Maybe it's a sign of age. Having learned computer stuff when we used
punch cards, and begun my professional career when DOS 3 was the latest
thing, I have a lifelong aversion to my computer trying to 'help' me. I
don't even use my mouse unless it's really the most efficient way to get
things done.

I've pretty much lost interest in building external websites. If using
.NET for intranets is going to push me places I don't want to go (as I
fear it may be) I might actually be facing a career change.

I've been doing work I love passionately for so long that I can't bear
the thought of grinding my way through every day's work like I did ten
years ago.

Wow. Only five paragraphs from technical question to midlife crisis.

Thanks, I think.


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