[thelist] php user management - buy, borrow or steal?

Molly Magai mollymagai at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 14:58:50 CDT 2007

Although I don't really plan on "stealing" anyone's code...

I need to create a password-protected area. I'm thinking that rather than be
the 500,000th person to write it from scratch maybe I could use some
existing code for the stuff you'd expect - database interface and goodies
like a forgotten password system. I would even be willing to pay for it if
need be. Googling is rather, um, too successful, and I hate shopping -
anyone already know a good solution or two? I would need to modify it as
there are some special requirements, so it doesn't need to be a complete
application. I have PHP 4.4.6.

Molly Magai

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