[thelist] losing irritated / arrogant customers off my books

Darrell King darrellgking at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 15:19:16 CDT 2007

1) Ask him to state his needs and his expectations

2) Determine whether you can meet them

3) Is so, then determine how much money you would need to do so

4) If not, then determine why not

5) Provide him with your decision in a straightforward response

There should be no question about taking action. Just make sure you are both
on the same page regarding the details!


On 8/6/07, Alex Beston <alex.beston at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Evolt
> I'm considering asking one of my long term clients to leave and pack
> his bags because
> 1) he doesnt seem to understand the technology he's using - its a
> means to an end
> 2) its starting to get "pissed off" - his own words - because there
> was an outage the other day (theres about 1 per year) - he pays £75
> (152.223 USD at todays rate) a year and gets email access, web mail
> and WWW. his client logs in every 10 minutes on my server from 8 till
> 6pm monday friday. the web mail is thrown in for free and he doesnt
> understand that the attachments cant be more than about 4 megs. hes a
> graphic designer and still sends his clients graphic work via @
> 3) hes late in paying, knows when the due date is and waits for me to
> invoice him.
> 4) most if not all the problems that occured are to do with something
> outside of my control - ie not my screw up in other words. there
> really arent that many.
> 5) for the level of service he wants i'd rather be wanting to see
> about £250 out of him not £75.
> thoughts?
> time to "let him go"?
> Alex

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