[thelist] losing irritated / arrogant customers off my books

Mike Maughan mike.maughan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 16:48:22 CDT 2007

Perhaps send him a letter enclosing a level of service statement - with the
right levels for you - and advising that due to pressure of work (or
whatever suits your mood) you can no longer offer the current deal ad

All customers will be moved over to a higher service contract at renewal
unless they say they want to leave, in which case you will proide a "leavers
document" to help them, plus the option of paid consultancy should they need

- Mike

On 06/08/07, Alex Beston <alex.beston at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Evolt
> I'm considering asking one of my long term clients to leave and pack
> his bags because
> 1) he doesnt seem to understand the technology he's using - its a
> means to an end
> 2) its starting to get "pissed off" - his own words - because there
> was an outage the other day (theres about 1 per year) - he pays £75
> (152.223 USD at todays rate) a year and gets email access, web mail
> and WWW. his client logs in every 10 minutes on my server from 8 till
> 6pm monday friday. the web mail is thrown in for free and he doesnt
> understand that the attachments cant be more than about 4 megs. hes a
> graphic designer and still sends his clients graphic work via @
> 3) hes late in paying, knows when the due date is and waits for me to
> invoice him.
> 4) most if not all the problems that occured are to do with something
> outside of my control - ie not my screw up in other words. there
> really arent that many.
> 5) for the level of service he wants i'd rather be wanting to see
> about £250 out of him not £75.
> thoughts?
> time to "let him go"?
> Alex
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