[thelist] losing irritated / arrogant customers off my books

Phillip M. Vector phillipmvector at comcast.net
Tue Aug 7 08:16:12 CDT 2007

Alex Beston wrote:
> *** Why should I keep someone on who is clearly unappreciative,
> milking it and resents imperfection? Why must I have to get money off
> of people who do not understand what the Internet is[1], have no
> notion what they are involved in (hey! its like iteractive TV!) and
> expect me to roll over and take it each time their massive load fails
> to go through and refuse to try the alternatives I suggest?

Personally, if a client made such a claim to me and expect me to do it, 
I'd try hard to get it done like they want after I warn them that it is 
not possible (and charge by the hour since it is a change from what they 
agreed on). When it fails, I remind them that I told them before that it 
was not possible and if they don't pay, then remind them about their 
legal contract they signed.

Yeah.. I would lose allot of customers that way, but they would be all 
customers who I wouldn't want to work for and who don't listen to what 
can and can't be done. Not really people I want to work with. :)

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