[thelist] create/restore an MSSQL database from a local .bak file

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Tue Aug 7 15:03:29 CDT 2007

>> I have googled unsuccessfully for this, and the MSSQL help 
>> documents are
>>  not getting me anywhere. I am setting up a local development 
>> copy of a
>> client's site and database. I have a .bak file sent to me by 
>> the client
>> in order for me to have a copy of the MSSQL database. Unfortunately,
>> when I go to the Restore Database wizard in SQL Server Enterprise
>> Manager, it only allows me to select .bak files saved directly on the
>> database server, not from my local machine. I assume there is a way to
>> get around this (short of copying the file to the database 
>> server) - can
>> anyone shed any light on this for me?
>> TIA
> Did you try selecting the "From Device" option in the General tab of the Restore Database wizard?
> Then Select Devices... Disk... browse to your .bak file.

I tried this, but when I click "Add..." I get a dialog that only allows
me to browse within the database server's drive, nothing local.

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