[thelist] flash video not displaying

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Wed Aug 8 12:27:36 CDT 2007

> If someone could verify/deny the problem,  I just added a 30 spot, flash 
> video to one of my client's sites.  It works fine for me on both my 
> windows pcs, in ff and in ie.  On his pc, he said the video does not 
> display.  On my linux pc in FF only the skin/controller displays - this 
> could be me not having flash/other installed correctly, i don't know. 

Quick diagnostics:

 o  Confirm whether that affected machine can view something like YouTube normally. (This tests against a bad install.)

 o  Confirm whether additional machines can view the page. (You're doing this already. This tests against pathing, caching issues and such.)

 o  Temporarily replace content, both HTML and SWF, with simpler test cases. (You did this with the simpler HTML file, thanks! This removes content dependencies.)

How does the client's Windows setup deal with other sites? Does he have to use a particular browser to not see it? How does your Linux box do on other sites? 

Here's a way to quickly see which version of Adobe Flash Player is rendering the content:

For what it's worth, it came up normally for me in Firefox 2 for Macintosh, with current Player.


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