[thelist] more htaccess problems :(

Elin Tjerngren elin at artopod.se
Thu Aug 9 03:33:04 CDT 2007

Jon Hughes wrote:
> http://www.phazm.com/notes/wp-admin/
> which should pull from /wp-admin/index.php but isn't.
> I thought with the "directoryindex" it should fix that, but no such luck.
DirectoryIndex tells Apache to use any one of the default filenames if
the adress ends with / (no filename specified).

> Any way I can force "folder/" to pull from "folder/index.php"

Directory Index does - unless you want it to redirect to exactly the
address folder/index.php instead of just folder/ (and showing the
index.php file) - if you want the redirect - you need a rewrite. (But why?)

Look at the order of your files in directory index, maybe you should
just put the php first:

DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html Index.htm Index.html

- that makes index.php the first thing Apache looks for in your folder.


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