[thelist] Website not displaying with 800x600 resolution

cj distro.lists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 08:51:50 CDT 2007

a personal note about your "best viewed at resolution message" -- i'm
not attacking your or your site, but i wanted to share another
user-type view.

if i can help it, i never revisit a site that tells me what resolution
to use or that doesn't display in the resolution i prefer.  i'm one of
those types who likes to have many different windows open at once,
which means each window is small enough that the other open windows
are visible all at the same time.  at my monitor resolution of
1856x1392, this means my browser is usually 800x600 or less.  dealing
with sites that horizontally scroll or don't fit is very frustrating
and i try to avoid them when i find them.

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