[thelist] microphone software

Andrew Kamm kamm at andrewkamm.com
Thu Aug 9 14:30:03 CDT 2007

> can anyone recommend software for this?
> For that matter, can anyone suggest what I should look for in a microhone?
> thanks

You may want to consider a small digital recorder (like they sell for
dictation) that will let you transfer audio files to your computer
rather than buying a mic. You'll probably spend a less money and it
will be a lot easier. Then use Audacity as was suggested earlier to
edit the resulting file if necessary.

On the other hand if you do get a microphone, you'll probably want to
get a condenser microphone (they require a battery or other power
source). They will pick up the sound much better than a 'dynamic'
microphone. They come in all shapes though -- you'll probably want to
stop by a local music shop to see what they have available.

Andrew Kamm

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