[thelist] PHP to Java

Edwin Martin edwin at bitstorm.org
Fri Aug 10 03:50:33 CDT 2007

Charles schreef:
>> I am working for the company that needs to transfer current PHP
>> application to Java one, as management decided that they pushed
>> PHP to the limits and that they need another platform.
> That's bizarre.  Do they know Yahoo primarily uses PHP?  Wikipedia?
> WordPress.com?  They don't recall that Friendster had to migrate from Java
> to PHP as part of addressing their scalability issues?
> Honestly, if they can't scale with PHP, there's not a chance in hell they
> can do it with Java.

Contrary to popular belief, Java is much faster than Java and Java has 
scalability built in to the language/API.

Here's a interesting article about running PHP on top of Java to solve 
scalability problems:

To answer the original question:

For good Java frameworks, look at:
- Spring
- Hybernate

Sites with the .do extension use Struts. Struts is not as powerful as 
the frameworks mentioned above.

Edwin Martin

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