[thelist] Website not displaying with 800x600 resolution

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 08:47:24 CDT 2007


"Some users have said that it didn't display properly, and I found that the
reason was that they had a screen resolution of 800x600.  By setting to
1024x768, I found that it displayed properly. "

Just to make your life easier (err perhaps /not), remember the browser
chrome (i.e. all the scroll bars and stuff) on the individual users
browser are not always the size you think they might be.

Try for a fluid layout which goes to an absolute minimum of which you
cannot go any further and similarly an absolute you really cant go
beyond.. Doing both is quite difficult but one of them is straight
forward. You really shouldn't be thinking of the web page as another
form of paper / immutable surface.

Its more like a very flat & wide & tall piece elastic, flexible in two
orthogonal directions but which can be made if frozen to become like a
fixed surface if necessary [1]

But you knew that already, right?



[1] not quite accurate, but certainly better than thinking of it as a
fixed size piece of paper, dont you think?

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