[thelist] PHP to Java

Bojan Tesanovic btesanovic at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 14:08:40 CDT 2007

Thanks all for your sincere help!

Here is the problem we have currently
1. Sometimes we need multi threaded calls to some resources (speed up)
eg sometimes we need to make two calls to get 2 XMLs from another server
if you do two times file_get_contents it is much slower then to do it 
2. Code maintenance in terms that we have lot of classes so it is much easier to 
have simple ones that does simple things, but as we are adding new features
it pop ups new classes that is slowing down application as we use one class per 
file (using Zend Framework convention ) so disk seeks or memory pings (we are 
using APC of course) are adding up.

This really shocked me and author is right as I have/had those issues
thanks Charles for pointing this out

Paul you are 100% right management is the who is making decisions and it really 
hard to convince them that PHP is as good or better then Java for web aps.

Resin/Quercus/PHP may be suitable solution for us that will I hope speed up
current application and avoid pain of rewriting it in Java ( thanks Edwin )
Though Charles may be right, if Quercus doesn't have full working version
of PHP5 or something is missing we may end up in blind alley.

So I will try to make some test application and see if this works for us if not
then we are doomed ;)

Bojan Tesanovic

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