[thelist] .fr registrar

Dan Craciun dc.thelist at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 01:42:31 CDT 2007

William Anderson wrote:

>Dan Craciun wrote:
>>Anyone can recommend a site that sells .fr domain names?
>>I only bought .com and .ro so far, and I saw that AFNIC doesn't directly 
>>sells domains. I don't need the domain with hosting (the site is 
>>allready hosted), just the name.
Thanks to all that replied.
I registered the domain with gandi.net. The process was fairly easy and 
They don't shine at working weekends :) My order from Saturday is still 
being processed as I write this...
William, I did look at bytemark, but their prices are a bit high (read 
double). I payed 14.5 euros for 1 year at gandi, and bytemark sells the 
same with 33.5 euros...

Best regards,
Dan Craciun

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