[thelist] Windows WebDAV problem with authentication

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Aug 16 21:50:27 CDT 2007

Did you turn on SSL as well? Or just Basic Auth?

Can you get a packet capture?


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I've set up WebDAV on Tomcat 6.0.13, running both Slide and the
simple Tomcat WebDAV example servlet. (Slide is actually way
overkill for what I need here.)

Basic functionality is fine, using either the Slide command line
client or Windows XP's 'Network Places' -> 'Add a Network Place';
PUT/GET/LIST -- it's all good.

However, once I add authentication (container-managed BASIC), I
can authenticate via Slide, XP/IE7 in browsing mode, but *not* as
a Windows "Web Folder".

The authentication prompt comes up; I enter username and password;
it immediately returns, changing the first to 'hostname\username'.
But it doesn't accept my password in either case.

Anyone have any idea what the hey Windows is looking for? Known
issues with WebDAV and Windows/XP(SP2)?

Failing any of that, recommendations for an alternative WebDAV
client for Windows? :-)

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