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Hi Joel-
You offered help if I need it with audacity.

Ok, I do.

I recorderd my Monday class, that went well.

I recorderd my Wednesday class. The recording seemed to go well, but when I 
got home to work with it, there I had trouble.

I saved it in the wrong directory, and made the mistake of moving it. 
(Aparently I should have opened it and "saved it as " to the correct 

Audacity now could not pick up as a project, so I tried to select all the au 
files. Well, it picked up as 750 or so pieces of lecture about 30 seconds 

I want to get it back together as one piece so I can export it as mp3.

I have searched the net for tutorials, find nothing that will hel.

thanks for any help.


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>> You may want to consider a small digital recorder (like they sell for
>> dictation) that will let you transfer audio files to your computer
>> rather than buying a mic. You'll probably spend a less money and it
>> will be a lot easier. Then use Audacity as was suggested earlier to
>> edit the resulting file if necessary.
> I use the voice record feature on my iRiver, and Audacity. Remarkably
> directional mic on the iRiver. If I set it on the table right in front
> of me, but aimed at the Little One, she comes through loud and clear and
> I'm a muffled undertone (I have a pretty strong, clear speaking voice,
> so muffled undertone ain't my usual sound)
> A portable voice recorder also frees you from the laptop, which may not
> be necessary, but *can* be nice. Oh, and the iRiver comes in handy even
> when I'm not recording voice ;) [I hate unitaskers]
> joel
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