[thelist] dvd grabber- recommendations?

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Sun Aug 19 13:30:33 CDT 2007

> I've downloaded all four products and wil play around with them
> to see what serves me best.

The free ones work fine when they work, so there's no harm starting with
those.  They just don't (and will never) work with more and more
recently-mastered discs.

> Since a .VOB file is just a specialized MPEG-2 file...

Kind of.  They're constrained system streams, so not all players that can
play a "regular" MPEG-2 file (which are program streams) can play them.

Typically you never use individual VOB files directly, since they're only
up-to-1-GB chunks of a typically-larger whole.  Many applications will use
the IFO (effectively, the disc's table of contents) to open logical chunks
o' content, which often map to several VOB files.

-- Charles

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