[thelist] dvd grabber- recommendations?

A Maynes andrew at milords.com
Mon Aug 20 05:14:37 CDT 2007

How can I reduce the size of a mpeg file so that it maintains it's

My camera captures mpegs up to 8mb for less than 30 seconds it's just
too big to do anything with online 

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>> I've downloaded all four products and wil play around with 
>them to see 
>> what serves me best.
>The free ones work fine when they work, so there's no harm 
>starting with those.  They just don't (and will never) work 
>with more and more recently-mastered discs.
>> Since a .VOB file is just a specialized MPEG-2 file...
>Kind of.  They're constrained system streams, so not all 
>players that can play a "regular" MPEG-2 file (which are 
>program streams) can play them.
>Typically you never use individual VOB files directly, since 
>they're only up-to-1-GB chunks of a typically-larger whole.  
>Many applications will use the IFO (effectively, the disc's 
>table of contents) to open logical chunks o' content, which 
>often map to several VOB files.
>-- Charles
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