[thelist] dvd grabber- recommendations?

Lightning oktellme at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 21 12:00:10 CDT 2007

I downloaded a number of the dvd packages you guys recommended, but so far
am having little or no success.

1. youtube grabber- I got the 14 day "trial version". It isn't a REAL trial
version, because you can't TRY it. You can see what the screen looks like.
You can enter information and watch the editor prompt you for correct
information. But try to run it, it wants $19.95. $19.95 is a decent price,
if it does what is wanted. How do I know if it does what I want?

2. DVDShrink - Seems to have worked. It copied up my DVD.  Now, I have a
folder full of Moulin Rouge, and can't figure out how to play it. I clicked 
on each of the various endings, all I got is it doesn't know what to do with 
this extension.

3. AnyDVD- Just like YouTubeGrabber, I can fill in all my options... then
what? Possibly this is another one of those "trial versions" you can't 

4. XMEG- Fill in all the otions, nothing happens.

The youtube grabber is just one of those things I saw while searching for 
dvd grabbers. Nice idea, but its the backing u of my library I am concerned 

I am using Moulin Rouge to test with, only because it was within arms reach 
when I started.

I want to back up my movies (Store bought, hobby stuff individuals sell, a 
few things not of my region, and eventually, camcorder. I would like to play 
from what I've archived. Eventually ut them on an ipod- but I don't 
currently have an ipod!


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>> At this point, I don't know if it is me or the genre of software
>> I am looking at.
> It's not the genre.
> If you need help, you need to help us understand where you're having
> problems.  While you're at it, what is your source DVD?  When you say you
> want to convert to "electronic format", what does that mean (i.e. do you
> want to watch the movie on your iPod)?  What happened when you tried the
> free and/or paid tools that Chris and I mentioned?
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