[thelist] mysql and CONCAT...

Tris beertastic at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 04:54:59 CDT 2007

Ello all...

I've got 2 fields.
Depending on the result, one might be NULL, this is intentional.
However, if the 2nd IS null, I want to combine it with eh first...
field1		| field2
sign up		| NULL	
points claimed	| NULL
points spent	| claimed prize X

So in my output I want a new field to be created using CONCAT

CONCAT(field1, " - ", field2) as field1

so I WANT the output of field1 to be:
sign up
points claimed
points spent - claimed prize X

but I'm getting a blank field1 if field 2 is null...

How can I get round that?

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