[thelist] Failure messages spam

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Tue Aug 21 05:16:00 CDT 2007


I've got an inbox full of 'undelivered' messages, and a client has too, 
and I just advised him that a) it will pass, and b) he hasn't been virus 
infected, and c) not to get too wound up, it's like buying petrol, 
no-one wants to do it (clear out your in-tray every morning) but you 
just have to.

And it did pass.

But now it's back.

And, calm and genteel person that I am, it is starting to irritate.

So am I right, or is there something I can do about someone grabbing my 
email and using it in their 'to:' field for their own dastardly purposes?

I guess I can redirect all the 'undelivered' messages to hell. Any other 
  bright ideas on this, I'm sure, well worn subject?


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