[thelist] Failure messages spam

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Wed Aug 22 04:37:22 CDT 2007

Dan Stockton wrote:
> John Allsopp wrote:
>> .. inbox full of 'undelivered' messages
>> ..  is starting to irritate.
>> ..  can.. I.. redirect.. 'undelivered' messages?
> David Dorward wrote:
>  > .. Changing.. settings to present.. user errors.. eliminated.. spam
> John Allsopp wrote:
>  >> Any ideas how I configure Thunderbird to do that?
> David Dorward wrote:
>  > .. might be able to configure it to discard such messages (I don't
>  > use it so don't ask me how), but you can't get it to present invalid
>  > user errors. That happens when the SMTP connection is made, and by
>  > the time Thunderbird connects to the IMAP (or POP) server, its way
>  > too late for that.
> Dan Stockton wrote:
> What version of thunderbird?
> Do you have access to SpamAssassin?
> Could you try Spamato from http://www.spamato.net/?

OK, time to own up. I'v embarrassed myself with my own assumptions. I 
have had the problem I described, it does happen, so your help is all 
appreciated (and yes, I use SpamAssassin).

But in this case, on investigation, it turned out to be emails from 
another domain I own where all emails not directed to a specific account 
were being forwarded to one account, which forwarded to my main one. All 
I needed to do was direct all emails not addressed to an actual address 
to hell, and that seems to have sorted it.

Apologies, but all useful stuff I'll use next time what I thought was 
happening actually happens :-)


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