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Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Thu Aug 23 06:08:28 CDT 2007

> I need to stay with a PHP/MySQL solution, but if you can point to 
> an example shop I would like to see.
CactuShop have a tool to port from Access to MySQL but obviously its still
an ASP solution.  Plenty of examples on cactushop.com or take a look at
http://adgen.edgedevelopment.co.uk for one we're working on just now.  It's
about 50% complete and the customisations should be subtle enough that you
won't notice them unless you're familiar with the software.

Pathogen Type is the only menu that is properly populated just now and the
top item in each sub-category is the most complete if you want to check out
the product layout they've chosen to run with.


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Chris Dempsey wrote:
> We use CactuShop for our online stores now [have used osCommerce and
> previously].  It's layout skin/token based so can be made to look any way
> you want.  Also if you know ASP you can customise the system as required
I need to stay with a PHP/MySQL solution, but if you can point to an 
example shop I would like to see.

Re: Drupal - I toyed with it in the past, but didn't really have any 
community-type jobs that it seemed to lend itself to.  I took a look at 
the example shops on the drupal site, but none really seem to stand out, 
or maybe the link to this particular client/job was too loose.  I will 
need to be doing substantial customization of the look/feel, including 
CSS fly-out menus, numerous custom pages. Does drupal lend itself well 
to customizations and how much time (yes it is relative) will go into 
the learning curve???

If anyone can point me to some shop-like implementations of drupal, much 
appreciated in advance?



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