[thelist] Video on own site or via YouTube?

Dan Stockton prosayist at inbox.com
Thu Aug 23 13:44:48 CDT 2007

info at designbychen.com wrote:
> .. any benefits of.. videos..
> via YouTube vs.. your own server? 

YouTube is more popular, a place people go to find videos (not 
necessarily information about your company) but also crowded (it's easy 
to get lost amongst the garbage)

Your own company website is already geared towards your specific videos, 
people go to your website to find information about your product, not 
necessarily just videos.

Don't discount the possibility of hosting videos on your own website 
just because YouTube is available yet neither discount the idea of 
hosting on YouTube just because you have your own website. Supplement 
the disadvantages of one with the advantages of the other. You needn't 
choose only one, do both.

Also, there are lots of YouTube alternatives; use those too.


Use any option you can, host at your own site, place videos on YouTube 
as well and any other video hosting sites. They all have different 
audiences and I presume you're looking for exposure.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket"


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