[thelist] Video on own site or via YouTube?

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Thu Aug 23 15:38:28 CDT 2007

> I agree with Dan.  Use both - but use only where applicable.

I agree with Ron about agreeing with Dan, in a qualified manner ;)

I use Google Video because they do the conversion, provide the hosting
space and bandwidth, and track usage stats for me. I embed the videos in
http://Grassies.com/ because that's where folks expect to find them, but
if they find 'em on Google and come to the site, that's fine, too.

A lot depends on how conservative the company culture is; obviously, a
music award site aimed at grassroots musicians can afford a certain
informality which might be inappropriate elsewhere. In most cases I
doubt that the mere existence of the video on YouTube/Google Video is a
problem, as long as the 'official' location is embedded in the company
website or whatever.


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