[thelist] Video on own site or via YouTube?

Dan Stockton prosayist at inbox.com
Thu Aug 23 17:17:55 CDT 2007

P Chen wrote:
> Thanks for the responses. Specifically, the goal was to embed the link from
> YouTube on a client's page, so visitors still see the video on the client's
> site, rather than having to send them links to the actual YouTube page. I
> guess I was curious as to whether there might be some advantages to hosting
> it on YT in what may possibly be additional exposure on a site like YouTube
> w/ their embed option. 

Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> I agree with Dan.  Use both - but use only where applicable.
> I agree with Ron about agreeing with Dan, in a qualified manner ;)
>  I embed the videos in
> http://Grassies.com/ because that's where folks expect to find them, but if
> they find 'em on Google and come to the site, that's fine, too.
> A lot depends on how conservative the company culture is; obviously, a music
> award site aimed at grassroots musicians can afford a certain informality
> which might be inappropriate elsewhere. In most cases I doubt that the mere
> existence of the video on YouTube/Google Video is a problem, as long as the
> 'official' location is embedded in the company website or whatever.
> joel

  I am in agreement with Joel regarding his agreement with Ron wherein 
he agreed with me. Also, I agree with Joel (and was my original 
thinking) about his last paragraph (directly above):

  I would recommend against embedding foreign objects (spec. videos 
embedded from a different domain than that upon which the site is 
hosted) because I don't like'em.. the browser is requesting 17 files 
from domain.tld (css, js, html, img... ) then it has to stop to request 
a flv from youtube (depending upon from where in the code the call to 
the video is made) it won't download the last 8 files related to your 
page (the 'home.png' button, 'aboutus.gif' button, 'reunion.jpg' picture 
etc) until the video is completely downloaded which can cause your page 
to appear to load slow.

  The suggestion remains: host the video on your own site for viewing 
from your own site and supplement that exposure by uploading the video 
to 'video sharing' sites such as youtube, putfile, google, break.com etc.

  Apart from the loading issue mentioned above, I am usually 'put off' 
when visiting a site to see videos loaded from YouTube. Maybe it's just 
me but implementing video thusly is an unprofessional approach.



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