[thelist] AJAX problems in IE (WAS: Re: "firebug" for IE?)

Shawn K. Quinn skquinn at speakeasy.net
Thu Aug 23 18:51:06 CDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-23 at 10:08 -0400, Brian Cummiskey wrote:
> Turns out, IE caches GET requests, which causes the 2nd try to not do 
> anything. I had to run a browser check, and send IE with a POST, and all other 
> browsers with a GET.

If I read right, you should be using POST across the board. Duck-tape
half-solutions like this one *will* come back around and blow up on you
when you're least ready for them.

(There are caching proxies that will cache GET as well. Not that they,
or that Microsoft's OS-component-they-try-to-pass-off-as-Web-browser,
should, mind you, but that's a whole different rant.)

Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at speakeasy.net>

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