[thelist] still looking for php file uploader

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 02:00:22 CDT 2007

> Still looking for a good file uploader in php or perl.  Client needs 
> to be able to let others upload files into their own specific 
> directories, so they can't see each others' files.  No ftp.  I found 
> Afian (http://www.afian.com/) which is awesome but it's almost too 
> much for my client - the interface is overwhelming and they don't 
> need all the functionality in terms of groups, etc.  I may have to 
> go with Afian if I can't find anything else, but I really want to 
> see if anyone can recommend a simpler alternative.

You can accomplish this with Drupal, but there is a learning curve.

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