[thelist] still looking for php file uploader

Bob Meetin - www.dottedi.biz bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Aug 24 09:07:19 CDT 2007

When it comes to programs like this building is frequently the 
alternative because it is then easier to integrate without modifying 
unfamiliar code.  It's not really difficult, mostly a little time. The 
upload form itself is fairly easy (at least with linux/bsd).  Each 
member has a login,  As they upload files the privileges for each 
image/id are maintained in the database, such as:

Image ID:  40
Submitter ID: 3

#3 will be able to update/delete file #40 in the database (using PHP 
forms) and file system.  I normally upload all files to the same folder, 
but in this case you might have to create separate folders/directories 
for each submitter, then use htaccess to limit unauthorized personnel 
from viewing files and/or guessing the naming convention.  The other 
nice thing about rolling your own forms is that you can set limits on 
file size, etc - and if you have access to imagemagick/convert, you can 
even create custom image sizes and thumbnails.

If you already have a registration system in place this is perhaps a 
half day job to set up the forms, folders, database tables and directories.

Bob Meetin
dotted i - Internet Strategies & Solutions

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