[thelist] a problem with negative margins acting up in IE

Dan Stockton prosayist at inbox.com
Sat Aug 25 08:49:12 CDT 2007

Ana Davis wrote:

> .. truncated text on the left in.. the h1 and h2 tags in IE6 and IE7..
> .. I'm not seeing the problem..
> .. http://www.alliancern.com/index.php.
> .. I'd like to know if anyone else sees this odd behavior...

Don't see the problem mentioned but did notice that in both Firefox and 
Opera the div with id 'slogan' and d1e4f6 text is coming slightly into 
the 'nav' area (light blue on white is hard to read) only at certain 
zoom levels (about 90-100%). Bigger than that or smaller, it's fine (all 
in the dark blue of the background)

Also in Opera I don't see the complete header.jpg but only the part of 
it directly behind logo.gif, it's all the way to the left on the page 
(takes up about 1/4 of the width) and the 'nav' is to it's right. On the 
bottom, the 'footer' only covers a little more than 1/3 from the left.


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