[thelist] a problem with negative margins acting up in IE

Ana Davis demivisage at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 18:08:13 CDT 2007

Thanks! And thanks for the Opera info -- i probably should download it and
add it to my testing browser list.


On 8/25/07, Dan Stockton <prosayist at inbox.com> wrote:
> Ana Davis wrote:
> > .. truncated text on the left in.. the h1 and h2 tags in IE6 and IE7..
> > .. I'm not seeing the problem..
> > .. http://www.alliancern.com/index.php.
> >
> > .. I'd like to know if anyone else sees this odd behavior...
> Don't see the problem mentioned but did notice that in both Firefox and
> Opera the div with id 'slogan' and d1e4f6 text is coming slightly into
> the 'nav' area (light blue on white is hard to read) only at certain
> zoom levels (about 90-100%). Bigger than that or smaller, it's fine (all
> in the dark blue of the background)
> Also in Opera I don't see the complete header.jpg but only the part of
> it directly behind logo.gif, it's all the way to the left on the page
> (takes up about 1/4 of the width) and the 'nav' is to it's right. On the
> bottom, the 'footer' only covers a little more than 1/3 from the left.
> HTH!
> -Dan
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