[thelist] 404 a Whole Sub-Domain

Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
Thu Aug 30 07:17:49 CDT 2007

Yes.  Well, I have that covered.  Sort of.  Except for the default
welcome page that's displayed when there is no index.html, index.htm,
index.php.  The welcome page still displays even though I've 404'd all

What I have right now works, but is really what I'm looking for.

Current setup:
		deny all
		allow from my_ip_address

	index.html - created to no show the default welcome page
		contains content that resembles a 404 page.  But I've no idea
		if it's sending 404 headers.

This works fine.  I was just wondering first if I could send a 404
response as well as the fake 404 page.  Then I started wondering if I
could just send a 404 for any page requests.  Then I notice that even
when viewed from ip's other than the one I've allowed the welcome page
is still displayed.  So then I began to wonder if I could turn off the
default welcome page in .htaccess.  As that is my real problem.  But
there could be serveral solutions, any of which would do the trick.  I
googled for each of these but was spending way to much unproductive time
on it.  So I thought I'd ask this knowledgeable bunch.  I was just
looking for thoughts and suggestions on how to handle it.  How would you
take care of it.  What has worked in the past.

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> Jon Molesa wrote:
> > .......
> So you want your subdomain pages accessible internally but denied if
> visited via the web.. ?
> -Dan
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