[thelist] blob data in mssql

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Fri Aug 31 12:27:24 CDT 2007

Here's my story. I'm working on a project that involves importing data
from a Lyris mailing list. I don't have direct access to the Lyris
database, but I was given what *should* be a copy of the table required
for my work. I was told that the table would contain fields for all the
parts of a Lyris mailing list message, i.e. from, to, subject, message,
a field containing the full headers, etc. And that the message field
would contain the entire message (multi-part, in MIME format), as well
as any attachments, and that it would be of type BLOB. However the table
I have access to has the message in a field of type text. My
understanding is that a BLOB type, being binary, would have to be in a
field of type binary, varbinary, or image.

Can someone confirm or deny my understanding of this? I want to make
sure I'm not talking out of my ass before I go back to the client to say
the data they have given me is not what was promised. Also, any pointers
on using BLOB data (for when I actually get it) would be greatly

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