[thelist] blob data in mssql

Tab Alleman talleman at Lumpsum.com
Fri Aug 31 16:06:34 CDT 2007

Seems to me that the message could be of type text, but the attachments would have to be of type binary.

does that shed any light on what you received?  Maybe they didn't accurately describe what they were sending.

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> Here's my story. I'm working on a project that involves importing data
> from a Lyris mailing list. I don't have direct access to the Lyris
> database, but I was given what *should* be a copy of the 
> table required
> for my work. I was told that the table would contain fields 
> for all the
> parts of a Lyris mailing list message, i.e. from, to, 
> subject, message,
> a field containing the full headers, etc. And that the message field
> would contain the entire message (multi-part, in MIME format), as well
> as any attachments, and that it would be of type BLOB. 
> However the table
> I have access to has the message in a field of type text. My
> understanding is that a BLOB type, being binary, would have to be in a
> field of type binary, varbinary, or image.
> Can someone confirm or deny my understanding of this? I want to make
> sure I'm not talking out of my ass before I go back to the 
> client to say
> the data they have given me is not what was promised. Also, 
> any pointers
> on using BLOB data (for when I actually get it) would be greatly
> appreciated!
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