[thelist] Viewing updates without emptying the cache

Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Wed Sep 5 17:47:30 CDT 2007

Have you had it happen where you tell the client you've fixed a problem 
only to feel stupid when they tell you it looks just the same as before? 
You have to explain that they're seeing a cached version and then have 
to guide them through deleting their temporary files.

Its even worse when you have someone using AOL with the proxy server 
holding on to the old version like grim death.

I do recall you being able to tell the browser not to cache the page (in 
the head of the html).

Are there other tricks that will force the browser to show the live version?

Could it be done with javascript and cookies whereby the client will 
always see a new version as long as the website is in development?

What I'm thinking is being able to do live updates while talking with a 
client over the phone in the knowledge that if a fix isn't working its a 
real fault.

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